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An awesome looking module! Keep up the awesome work!


Hodag’s fantastic work on art certainly helps a lot! Thank you!

On a first skim, this is really killer stuff! All three factions feel distinct, and every page has something to be excited about - I knew from the Timeline that this one was good. 


Thank you so much!

Unfortunately, community copy discount doesn't work like you intended. I think itch doesn't support such options at the moment.


Thanks for letting me know! Where does the error occur?

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When you hit 'Paypal' or 'Pay with card', you get an error saying "You must pay at least $9.99"

I have seen others offering similar price structuring, so it should be possible. Maybe it's linked to a limited number? If so, you could keep a tally yourself, and remove the option at a 100 sales?


I've switched to an alternate way of providing the price structure! It's not ideal (feels a bit deceptive the way itch wants me to do it), but it's an experiment, let's see how it goes!


That seems to work! How is it deceptive, btw?


When you view it from another page, it displays the discounted price rather than the full price, which was what I was trying to avoid using the first method.