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I love 5e. The Infinite Hack is a way to play it. 

In the Infinite Hack, everyone has infinite HP. This pamphlet is how to play 5e when you can't kill anyone. 

I think there is a promise unkept by 5e. It insists on combat as the primary lens through which your uniqueness is expressed. The Infinite Hack attempts to keep that promise.

This is beta product, but I think it's pretty great. Expect more to come. If enough people are interested, comment, and tweet about it, I might run a jam, or plan a longer OGL version.

It comes with a text-only (text reader friendly) version, a full colour pamphlet version, a monochrome (printer friendly) version, and a high-res version of the logo for those hacks and jams I'm planning.

If you're keen on engaging with the (currently hypothetical) Infinite Hack community, a discord invite is included!

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorIdle Cartulary
Tags5e, Dungeons & Dragons, Hacking, Indie, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$3.33 USD or more

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The Infinite Hack - Text Only v0.1.txt 8 kB
Infinite Hack - Colour v0.1.pdf 3 MB
Logo High Resolution.png 171 kB
Discord Invite Link! 646 kB

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