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In this game, both players play the same character; they discover an old two-way radio, but in two different worlds. They both reach for it, but one of them speaks first. The only differences between them are the world they live in, and who speaks through the radio first. At least, to begin with.Radio is ephemeral. 

This games' use of live, one-chance audio recording is an attempt to replicate that. There is ritual to consider what to say, and then recording it once, and then sending it into the ether to find another you. But these rules are compatible with live play at a table, ephemeral video like Snapchat, or epistolary play, if you so choose.

In Echo Radio, the worlds of your characters become unique through information loss. This information loss occurs because of the ephemerality of radio. When you repeat their world back to them, your world becomes their world, but half-remembered and differing strangely. 


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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I just finished my first game of this and wow. I'm kinda in love.

Oh thank you so much I'm glad you enjoyed it 🥰🥰🥰