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A falling star.

Neighbours changed.

People missing.

Something is amiss in Plum Oleander, and you must uncover the mystery to survive.

Hiss: Cairn Edition is a 30 page module for Cairn. In it is the village of Plum Oleander, the people who live there, the dungeon beneath it, and the dooms that are likely to befall it. 

"Legitimately creating the lexicon for what I look for in good adventures" - Sandro, creator of Steel Hearts.

Plum Oleander could be the central village for a campaign, with a slowly burning background mystery that simmers until it explodes. It could also be the focus of a high-paced adventure for one to three sessions. It has thirty locations including a three-level dungeon, over fifty small-town characters, four explosive factions on the brink of outright war, and a bunch of other cool stuff in it too.

"I am blown away by Idle Cartulary’s adventure design" - Marcia B, creator of Fantasy Medieval Campaigns

It is unabashedly a horror-themed module. CW: Horror, including body horror, loss of agency, child soldiers, kidnapping, and snakes.

Idle Cartulary

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Wild_Weasel_map.PNG 5 MB
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Hiss - Cairn Edition 1.1 Spreads.pdf 13 MB

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It didn't come up on X! Very strange. Here's a download code!

Thanks for taking the time and making the effort in responding. Much appreciated.