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Fold this card into a tent. 

To assume a stance, choose attack or defend, face it towards your rival on one hand, and conceal it from view with the other. Reveal simultaneously. 

Duel by rhyming with your rival. Lose balance by losing rhyme. Your balance is 4.

If both defend, rhyme simultaneously and both lose 1 balance. 

If one attacks and one defends, the defender begins. If the attacker rhymes,  the defender loses 1 balance. If the attacker does not, the defender gains 1 balance. 

If both attack, highest balance begins a rhyme volley. If you don’t rhyme, lose 1 balance, and your rival gains 1 balance.

You are defeated if your balance is completely lost.

(That's the whole game. If you make a prettier version of it, please let me know)


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