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This is a set of eight playbooks for Jared Sinclair's 6e, to support fantasy play in the vein of 2nd edition in particular.

I like Jared’s game, 6e, for which these playbooks are made. But who wants to play a fighter, a wizard, a thief or a cleric? When I was young, I loved kits, the weirdly specific proto-subclasses from the pointless splatbooks that sunk TSR, the Complete Handbooks. Once, I thought they had no place in my fantasy roleplaying, but times, they have a changed. 

Kits, this supplement is for you.

Included you will find:  

  • The Falconer: They have a pet bird. Or does a pet bird have them?
  • The Warrior-Monk: They punch. Lots.
  • The Hivemaster: They got two thumbs and a bee hive.
  • The Ravager: They're angry. 
  • The Knight of the Temple: They makes promises. And they keep them.
  • The Knight of the Sword: They have a magic sword. They hit people with it.
  • The Psychic: They think with their minds.
  • The Jongleur: They can juggle. Well.

I promise, I flesh them out a little more, and so your game will be all the better for it. 

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorIdle Cartulary
GenreRole Playing
Tags6e, Fantasy, OSR, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$3.33 USD or more

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